You can lead to a Horse to Water…

You can lead to a Horse to Water…
You can lead to a Horse to Water…

A group exhibition from students of the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University featuring Holly Anderson, Chase Archer, Kahli Budd, Emmalyn Hawthorne, Danielle Milne, Sally Molloy, Annie O'Rourke, Aaron Perkins, Kirk Radunz, Darcy Williams and Natalie Wood, with Timothy Fairless.

The speed of light in a vacuum is a universal physical constant. It is, however, slowed when passing through a transparent medium, measuring approximately 3×10⁸ metres/second through air; 2×10⁸ through glass; and 2.25×10⁸ through water. It is this variance that causes a straw to optically "bend' as it enters a glass of water.

The medium of painting similarly slows the act of looking. When directed at a glass of water, this might result in a highly detailed rendering that accurately describes the passage of light through materials of differing densities, however it may equally bend and abstract the subject matter.

You can lead to a horse to water… puts to each artist this one seemingly simple challenge: to paint a glass of water. To represent or defy the most abundant of substances - bending either themselves or the object under their observation - through the medium of painting.


Exhibition Dates: 8 - 24 August

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 4pm

Where: Grey Street Gallery, 226 Grey Street, South Bank, 4101

Please join us for the opening event on Thursday, 15th August from 6pm

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