Managing a Funded Research Grant

Managing a Funded Research Grant

Principal speaker

Daina Garklavs

Other speakers

Victoria Yantsch, Matthew Ziegenfusz, Wayne Beech, Sheree Stewart, Belinda Weaver

Congratulations your research grant application was successful!
Oh no, now you have to deal with the funding agreement, managing the money, buying stuff, employing staff, doing the research (at least you like that part) and reporting!
Join us at the Managing a Funded Research Grant seminar to find out how the University will help you with all these tasks and assist you so you can get on with the project. The seminar will include presentations from the Office for Research (how to make sure you follow the grant rules), the Legal Services Unit (what the agreement really means), Purchasing (how to buy stuff), People and Wellbeing (how to employ staff), Finance (how not to go over or under budget) and the Library (how to safely store the data).


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