Beginner Leximancer: An introduction

Beginner Leximancer: An introduction
Beginner Leximancer: An introduction

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Dr Harry Kanasa

As part of your research, do you analyse text to uncover obvious and not-so-obvious concepts and themes? Are you looking for another means to analyse your text-based data to triangulate your findings? Have you collected so much text-based data the thought of coding seems overwhelming? Are you required to analyse survey data and correlate quantitative and qualitative data as part of that? Leximancer, a piece of automated text analysis software, allows you to do this and more. This 3-hour introductory workshop to Leximancer will introduce participants to the software through hands-on practice with real data. Topics covered will be the theory underlining the analytical process; its uses and guided practice with data. Examples of published literature will also be provided. No experience with Leximancer is required but a working knowledge of Google Drive is desirable.


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