MHIQ Program Seminar Series Healthcare Practice & Survivorship - Ethical Perspectives on Telehealth

MHIQ Program Seminar Series Healthcare Practice & Survivorship - Ethical Perspectives on Telehealth

Principal speaker

Dr Malcolm Fisk

Menzies Health Institute Queensland Program Seminar Series

Healthcare Practice & Survivorship

Presenter: Dr Malcolm Fisk

Title: Ethical Perspectives on Telehealth

Abstract -

While definitions may differ, telehealth is recognised as an "umbrella' term that covers aspects of telemedicine that link with and provide services for people in home and community settings. Telehealth services are, therefore, being accessed by increasing numbers of people through fixed or portable devices. The latter include services that carry the label "telecare' and which directly derive from social alarms. They also include mHealth (with the rise in use of apps) and the use of video-consultations. All, of course, are captured by the term "Digital Health'.

In this presentation Malcolm will point to the way that changing service paradigms call for a rethink of the ethical parameters that underpin telehealth. Beauchamp and Childress's four principles of biomedical ethics are no longer enough. New ethical parameters need to take account of such matters as:

- the need for better accessibility and usability of services by growing numbers of people who wish to take greater responsibility for their health;

- issues for people's trust in a context where AI is making ideas around "informed consent' increasingly unworkable;

- the need for service reconfigurations (relating to health and social care) with complementary changes to required workforce skills; and

- the imperative of designers and manufacturers to configure their technologies in ways that facilitate usability - including interoperability to enhance people's choice and information transfer.

In discussing the challenges and changes, Dr Fisk will draw from the work of the Telehealth Quality Group and its International Code of Practice for Telehealth Services. He will also draw on the work of the European Commission funded PROGRESSIVE project ( that explored the role of standards in relation to products and services concerned with ICT and "Active and Healthy Ageing'.

Biography -

Dr Malcolm Fisk is Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at De Montfort University, Leicester (United Kingdom). He is on the roster of Experts to assist the World Health Organization in their work on Digital Health. His work, over more than 30 years, has focused on the use of technologies by older people. He has led two recent European Commission funded projects that, respectively, developed a European (now International) Code of Practice for Telehealth Services; and addressed the range and adequacy of ICT standards to support active and healthy ageing - see

Malcolm's other positions include that of representing ANEC (the European Consumer Voice on Standards) on the CEN Technical Committee on the "Quality of Services for Older People'; and he is an expert on a standards committee for the National Institute for Care and Health Excellence (NICE, UK). Previously, amongst many other things, Malcolm was Chair of Age Cymru (Wales' main charity of and for older people) and the Chair, appointed by Welsh Government, of the National Partnership for Older People in Wales.

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