QCA Thursdays: Kathleen O'Hagan, Branka Sinobad, Kathy Mack & Nellie Crescent.

QCA Thursdays: Kathleen O'Hagan, Branka Sinobad, Kathy Mack & Nellie Crescent.

Join us on 20th January from 5.30pm to celebrate the opening of new exhibitions from Kathleen O'Hagan, Branka Sinobad, Kathy Mack & Nellie Crescent.

Webb Gallery | Branka Sinobad: Encounter

Encounter probes life drawing and the relationship between the artist and the model, to explore a possibility of line and abstract form in conveying intangible thoughts about human life. The exhibition brings together different threads of Branka's practice including drawing, video performance and painting. Branka moves as she makes marks, guided by her motif but also by her bodily sensations. In this way, Branka sees her works as traces of lived experience and thoughts about ineffable space that we inhabit in relation to one another.

Grey Street Gallery | Kathleen O'Hagan: I am there only when I appear

I am there only when I appear includes a series of reflective self-portraits which articulate subjective experiences of gendered embodied shame. The exhibited paintings position their subjects between moments of concealment and revelation by depicting distorted, blurred, and fragmented glimpses seen in everyday mirrored surfaces. This painting tactic re-embodies shame as a visible and tangible presence.

Project Gallery | Altered Scapes: Kathy Mack & Nellie Crescent

The exhibition "Altered Scapes' brings together two artists who traverse the complexity of the emotional landscape from two distinct vantage points, both however consider the effect of memory, loss and trauma. Kathy Mack's works mediate contemporary painting's capacity for affect through a visual liminal threshold. Her works respond to the idea of displacement, when one is alienated from one's surroundings, blurring boundaries between strangeness and familiarity. Nellie Crescent's installation of paintings, knitted hand strands and salt protection circle, contend with how the unspeakable can be portrayed, seeking to bring into recognition that which cannot be precisely represented, like in a glimpse or a missed encounter.

QCA Galleries are practicing safe and hygienic practices throughout the gallery spaces and we will ensure that there are an appropriate number of attendees are in the gallery at one time to abide by the Government's social distancing guidelines. Visitors will be asked to check into QCA Galleries using a QR code and wear a mask inside the Gallery.

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