2022 MHIQ/HPS Research Development Seminar Series - Health economics - what and why

2022 MHIQ/HPS Research Development Seminar Series - Health economics - what and why

Principal speaker

Dr Jonas Fooken

2022 Menzies Health Institute Queensland Program Seminar Series

Healthcare Practice & Survivorship Program Research Development Seminars

Presenter: Dr Jonas Fooken, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for the Business and Economics of Health, The University of Queensland

Title: Health economics - what and why

Seminar Overview -

Health researchers, at some point or many times in their careers, will work with health economists to support their research by conducting an economic evaluation. These collaborations can feel tedious, overly technical, or apparently focussed on money issues. They may appear to be an unwelcome must (for example, when applying for a significant grant), rather than for meaningful and interesting contributions to research. One reason for this may be that health economists' motivations for doing evaluations are unclear to health researchers and possibly vice versa. In this presentation, we will clarify how health economists think and describe what research in health economics looks like, by using previous examples from health economic research. The examples used in this presentation will not be an economic evaluation of health care. Instead, they will assist in explaining what health economics is about to grasp the purpose of economic evaluations better.

Presenter Biography -

Dr Jonas Fooken is a Senior Research Fellow with the Centre for the Business and Economics of Health, at The University of Queensland (UQ). Before joining UQ in 2016, Jonas worked for the Behavioural Economics Team of the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. His research interests are in economic policy in health and taxation and to use experimental and observational data to understand how individuals make decisions.

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