Meta Analysis 1 - Visualising Inputs & Outputs

Meta Analysis 1 - Visualising Inputs & Outputs
Meta Analysis 1 - Visualising Inputs & Outputs

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Sama Low-Choy

Meta-analysis takes research to the next level, by considering the weight of evidence provided by a group of studies replicating a similar research method. Often a group of studies will all fit a similar model such as regression (or SEM) to estimate the effect of some intervention on an outcome. The aim is to obtain an overall picture of the consensus view of this effect size, across studies. This is a pair of seminars introducing the concepts of meta-analysis to a broad audience of researchers. We illustrate ideas using an example on how big data analytics impacts business performance. These seminars refer to recently published research (with innovations in methodology) on topics in Computer Science and Health. Part 1 - Visualising literature reviews Literature reviews tend to be very wordy affairs. In some cases, however, a visual approach can make the structure and intent of the review more accessible, and even communicate the underlying conceptual framework. In particular, organising the literature review around a conceptual diagram can ease nicely into statistical modelling. This workshop demonstrates the benefits of visualisation of literature reviews, from PRISMA diagrams to conceptual diagrams, as well as model-centric literature review. We illustrate using an example from health on patient engagement (Jahandideh et al, 2018).

Format - 1.5 hour seminar

Related RED workshops - This is one of a series of sessions on meta-analysis, from literature review through to statistical analysis. It is related to MM3 - Visualising your conceptual model to support quant or qual research.

References - Jahandideh S, Kendall E, Low-Choy S, Donald K, Jayasinghe R. (2018) The Process of Patient Engagement in Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Model-Centric Systematic Review, Behaviour Change, 35(4): 185-202. DOI:10.1017/bec.2018.20


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