SRC + GUPSA Whale Watching Tour

SRC + GUPSA Whale Watching Tour
SRC + GUPSA Whale Watching Tour

"There is nothing like the excitement of tracking whales in the open ocean and when you book the VIP Captain's Lounge on a Sea World Cruises whale watching tour. Within 20 minutes of departure, you will be assisting our expert crew to find Humpback Whales by scanning the horizon for the famous "blow". At this point in the tour, there is always great anticipation which quickly turns to excitement when a distant splash or a great exhalation of breath confirms we have found a whale"

Event Itinerary

Date - Saturday 6th August
Cost - $50 (includes Whale Watching Cruise, Food, and Transport)
Time - 11:00 am - 3:00 pm

Registration to open Monday 11th July.

(Terms and Conditions: You must be a current Griffith University Undergraduate or Postgraduate student at a Brisbane-based campus or Digital Campus student to register).

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RSVP on or before Monday 1 August 2022 15.52 pm, via

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