2022 MHIQ/CAHE Seminar - Big Data and Small Data Analytics in Healthcare Research

2022 MHIQ/CAHE Seminar - Big Data and Small Data Analytics in Healthcare Research

Principal speaker

Dr Ping Zhang

2022 Menzies Health Institute Queensland Seminar Series

Centre for Applied Health Economics Seminar

Presenter: Dr Ping Zhang, Bioinformatician, Menzies Health Institute Queensland

Title: Big Data and Small Data Analytics in Healthcare Research

Seminar Overview -

Big data analytics often involves development of machine learning tools which offers considerable advantages for finding complex patterns within large amounts of healthcare data. However, some limitations or requirements need to be addressed before these analytic tools can be deployed in health care. Small data approaches could mitigate those limitations to derive more value from the analytics. This seminar will explore how data analytics and statistics can be used to improve healthcare research outcomes. Application of machine learning and AI, ways of handling big data and needs of small data approaches will be discussed in this presentation.

Presenter Biography -

Dr Ping Zhang has worked as a bioinformatician at Menzies Health Institute Queensland, Griffith University since 2015. Her main research interest is applying machine learning and statistical techniques for medical decision making and precision medicine. She has developed a computer aided diagnosis system for breast cancer and applied computational modelling techniques to various health related research, such as diagnosis of cancers, influenza, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, prediction of progression of Alzheimer's and vaccine target identification. With experience in various health research projects, she is specialized as a data scientist in the fields of biomedical and clinical research. She has worked on many multidisciplinary projects utilizing a broad range of complex biomedical and health data including clinical data, molecular data, time series and images.

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