Media and Engagement Training - Module 1 & 2

Media and Engagement Training - Module 1 & 2
Media and Engagement Training - Module 1 & 2

Principal speaker

Emma O'Connor

Media training can help academics and executives understand the best ways to communicate with media and through them, their audiences. Many shy away from external communications opportunities and leave the benefits on the table.

Being available for and comfortable with media opportunities helps both to promote the University and your research/expertise, which can also provide flow on benefits like possible industry collaborations, potential grant applications, promotions and more.

Distilling research and ideas into a media friendly 'grab', or interview opportunity is an acquired skill, but we can help!

Experts from Griffith's media team have working knowledge of the media landscape from both sides of the fence, as both media and communications professionals. Expertise from our Social Media and Video content teams round out the media training offering.

Session 1 modules

1. The Media landscape - why you/we want coverage, what is news and how can we help you.

2. Working with Media - tips to prepare for media opportunities across different mediums and practical, scenario based workshops.

Session 2 modules

3. Getting to know social media - our platforms, our audiences, workshop


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