Introduction to Mixed Methods

Introduction to Mixed Methods
Introduction to Mixed Methods

Principal speaker

Dr Judy Rose

This workshop investigates the meanings and underlying "ologies' of Mixed Methods research, which adopts both qual(itative) and quant(itative) methods. In addition to methodology, when designing research, social scientists refer to ontology (what is being researched), axiology (the values influencing research), and epistemology (the approach and way that evidence is used). Other researchers in disciplines where quant methods prevail may refer to these under the guise of definitions, assumptions and logic-especially relating to causality. These "ologies" may be overlooked in MM research projects, which could potentially lead to paradigm incompatibilities and/or superficial mixing of methods. We start by considering the logics of inquiry that are used in MM research (e.g., inductive, deductive and abductive), then provide an overview of the paradigms (e.g., constructivism, pragmatism, positivism) especially those well-suited to a MM approach. Developing an awareness of different epistemological paradigms helps the researcher to conceptualize, assemble, conduct and write-up MM findings. Finally, we provide an overview of some tips and traps to be aware of when opting for MM.


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