Excellent Graphics in R

Excellent Graphics in R
Excellent Graphics in R

Principal speaker

Dr Daniela Vasco

This workshop complements other resources that focus on "How do I make this graph in R?", e.g. workshops that focus on programming in R, and the fantastic online help. Rather, this workshop addresses "How can I use R to create 'excellent' graphics?" We weave in discussion of the principles of excellent graphics, whilst introducing a grammar of graphics in the ggplot2 package. Five versions of these principles are put into action, to explain and motivate different methods of visualising data. This starts with the pivotal statistical distribution plots, from histograms to box plots, densities or others. Then we consider relationships, from the humble scatterplot and the many options for refinement.


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RSVP on or before Thursday 15 September 2022 14.10 pm, by email red@griffith.edu.au , or via https://events.griffith.edu.au/d/v9q85m/

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