PDN Leadership Breakfast: My Boss Told me to Ask for Forgiveness

PDN Leadership Breakfast: My Boss Told me to Ask for Forgiveness
PDN Leadership Breakfast: My Boss Told me to Ask for Forgiveness

Principal speaker

Mr Chris Rider, Leadership Consultant

Come and celebrate World Teachers Day with us and hear from the amazing Chris Rider who is sure to please with his enlightening presentation!

About our Presenter:

Chris Rider has a strong background and experience in school and system leadership including principal roles in 3 schools for 12 years, as well as 3 senior executive roles including CEO spanning 17 years.

While CEO of the QCAA Chris led the consultation, design, development, implementation and post cycle review of the new Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) system, which he says was the most significant change leadership activity in his working life.

During the covid pandemic years he co-ordinated an agreed set of assessment principles across all state and territory authorities while in his position of Chairperson, National Body of Chief Executives, Australasian Curriculum Assessment and Certification Authorities.

A major highlight in his role as Regional Executive Director of DoE was his leadership of the development and implementation of Coaching for Principals.

Chris also led the design, build, test and deployment of an in-house bespoke software development project to deliver information management systems to more than 1200 state schools while he was Executive Director, OneSchool.

Chris was a school principal of Ferny Grove State High School, Wellington Point State High School and Roma Middle School.

Andrew Peach, former Executive Principal, Marsden SHS had this to say about Chris:

Chris has provided strong leadership and guidance in my leadership journey. His systematic approach to leadership development helped to shape my early career with structures and strategies that are still important in my daily actions today. Chris is an outstanding leader who has demonstrated capabilities and skills in coaching, mentoring and developing leaders at all levels in the organisation. His authentic and transformational leadership success ensures a credible and thoughtful approach to change management and understanding people.
Chris is a highly relational leader who has much to offer in future learning and development across the education sector.

Paul Zernike, Principal, Milton State School had this to say about Chris:

Chris brings to leadership an approach where continual improvement is paramount and only made possible through his dedication to growing great leaders at every level in an organisation. His knowledge and skill set in leading others sets him apart from the rest.
He has an ability to bring people along with him through trust, loyalty and modelling the way. He challenges those who work with him to think differently and be creative in their approach to how they undertake their work. I have personally experienced his mentorship and coaching over the past 15 years and grown significantly in my capability as a leader because of such.

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