Not Quite There

Not Quite There
Not Quite There

Working across a diversity of media including textiles, installation, sculpture, photography, video, sound, and painting, the artists in this group show are collectively preoccupied with the body. Some bodies are clothed, others not. Some are implied, but absent - whose clothes are these, whose shoes? Some are whole, some are broken, while others have been meticulously repaired. Some are static, some are in flux. Some are real, others mere simulacra. These bodies and their traces, disconcerted in their surroundings, are re-viewed with new eyes. Disjunctive and disquieting. Uncomfortable.

This exhibition explores the strangeness of being in a body and the sense of the uncanny that sometimes emerges when seeking to represent the body and its vestiges in the contemporary landscape - landscape being defined as anywhere the body finds itself.

The bodies in Not quite there challenge the gallery visitor to engage in an interactive and immersive installation experience that intrigues the senses. Seen and unseen - present yet absent.

Exhibiting artists: Nick Ashby, Sharna Barker, Leah Emery, Timothy Fairless, Jacinta Giles, Genevieve Memory, Vicky Satchwell, Joe Swepson, Leisa Turner, Henri van Noordenburg.

Curated by Genevieve Memory and Vicky Satchwell.

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