Drawing Workshop with Dr Bill Platz

Drawing Workshop with Dr Bill Platz
Drawing Workshop with Dr Bill Platz

Principal speaker

Dr Bill Platz

Dark Drawing: Magic Lanterns and Phantasmagoria

Wednesday 8 November 2023, 6-8.30pm

Life drawing has a long history of dark methods - including shadow play, silhouettes and projections. In this workshop, we will explore the intersections of life drawing, light, shadow and darkness through the use of "magic lanterns'. At the heart of the magic lantern is a bright light and a very small drawing. This drawing was typically done on a glass plate, although other materials, including celluloid, were commonly employed in the 20th century. The late 18th and early 19th centuries saw the rise of a particular type of magic lantern exhibition called a "Phantasmagoria'- horror shows meant to utilize the spectral quality and dark atmosphere of the lantern theatre to frighten and enthral the audience. Join us to learn about magic lanterns, draw from the phantasmagoric life model and create dark drawings.

About the facilitator: Dr Bill Platz is an American-Australian artist, teacher and researcher who exhibits and publishes regularly in the US, Australia and internationally. With disciplinary and research concentrations in life drawing, portraiture and pedagogies of drawing, his recent work confects drawing, the body and puppets. Dr Platz is currently Head of Drawing and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University. Williamplatz.com @billplatz (Insta)

Full Price: $30
Student Price: $25


Please email artmuseum@griffith.edu.au if you have purchased ticket but are unable to attend.

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