How an ice cream restored my faith in the kindness of humanity

Icecream in a cup with waffle

The perfect stranger;

Jenni’s Ice creamery, Nashville TN 8:52 19th May 2K16

It was our last night in Nashville after a massive week exploring, embracing the unique culture and lapping up the country music and numerous live gigs. To celebrate we decided to get one of the local ice-creams just as the shop was closing. After a little flavour procrastination and managing to try every flavour in the store the staff took our order. I was a little confused when I tried giving the waitress my card to pay as she stared blankly back at me, she then told me that the gentlemen that had just left had paid for our ice-cream as she thought he was in our company. Keep reading…

How to become friends with the Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and the City of Brisbane

Have any of you ever thought of all the opportunities you’ll have while studying in Brisbane? Personally, I hadn’t. However, during my education at Griffith University I have experienced many incredible moments. I can easily recall one of them – The Lord Mayor’s International Student Friendship Ceremony.

Anna meets the Lord Mayor

Meeting the Lord Mayor

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