Top 5 Australian gifts to take home

Top 5 Australian presents

As an International student living in Australia, I know that when it comes the time to return to your hometown (for holidays or forever) you will want to take some gifts your family, friends and relatives. In Australia you can find a multitude of appealing traditional and not-so-traditional gifts for all ranges of people, so is easy to get confused about what to buy and you may end up asking yourself: what should I take back home?.  Here is a list of the possible gifts I personally think you can take home that everyone will love ❤️

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Common Purpose Study Abroad Singapore

Singapore - Photo by Holly Edwards

On 4 December a group of 25 diverse Griffith University students embarked on a journey to Singapore to participate in a Common Purpose Study Abroad leadership program. Over the next four days we would be immersed into Singapore culture, challenge ourselves daily, improve our leadership skills, and develop our Cultural Intelligence (CQ) skills. Together with students from around Australia we worked on the concept of ‘Smart Cities’ and strived to develop real, workable plans that could improve the already smart city of Singapore in the future.

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