How to handle being a uni student with a disability

My desk at home

Life can be really tough living with a disability or impairment and throwing uni into the mix can be quite overwhelming. It’s important to remember that even getting accepted into university is a huge achievement and that you’ve come so far in just taking that step. Unfortunately living with a disability is hard, but taking one step at a time in your degree and knowing your limits are the two most important things you can do to succeed at uni.

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My Griffith experience – how I transitioned from college to university

Griffith University Griffith Mates O Week

Instead of spending my first year as an international student at Griffith University, I chose the pathway option to break the ice and ease into uni life by starting at Griffith College. It was such a beautiful time when I first experienced Aussie culture and the different styles of learning and education. The staff at Griffith College helped me prepare carefully for the changes that university would bring. While I was still surprised when I began my first day at university, it didn’t take long to settle in. Here I share some tips to help others ease into university life. Keep reading…