Campus Life Facilities

Campus Life Corporate Services
Staff member Phone Location Position
Dr Grace Bitner
Project Manager
(07) 373 57068 Ext. 57068 Environment 1 (N55) 2.05 Project Manager
Mx Sarsha Frazer
Manager, Security and Control Systems
(07) 373 56755 Ext. 56755 Facilities Management (N23) 0.03 Manager, Security and Control Systems
Mr Mark James
Building Management System Engineer
(07) 373 55239 Ext. 55239 Facilities Management (N23) 1.03 Building Management System Engineer
Mr William Pettit
Renewables Project Electrical Engineer
07 3735 7277 Ext. 57277 Facilities Management (N23) 1.04 Renewables Project Electrical Engineer
Miss Alannah Worlley
Client Services Officer
Facilities Management (G19) 1.07 Client Services Officer
Dr Vatsal Naik
Operations Coordinator (Landscaping) North
07 3735 3583 Ext. 53583 Maintenance and Uni Print (N26) 0.05A Operations Coordinator (Landscaping) North
Ms Bo Yang
Project Contract Administrator
(07) 373 58170 Ext. 58170 Facilities Management (N23) -1.09 Project Contract Administrator
Planning, Design and Construction
Staff member Phone Location Position
Mr Matthew Burgess
Project Manager
07 3735 7351 Ext. 57351 Facilities Management (N23) 1.07 Project Manager
Mr Mark Ellison
Project Manager
3735 4155 Ext. 54155 Facilities Management (N23) 1.07 Project Manager
Mr Peter Knuth
Project Manager
55528470 Ext. 28470 Facilities Management (G19) 1.15 Project Manager
Mrs Fleur Radford-Lempire
Senior Project Manager
+61755528751 Ext. 28751 Facilities Management (G19) 1.15 Senior Project Manager

To call the Griffith Switchboard: (07) 3735-7111 (Brisbane), (07) 5552-8800 (Gold Coast) or Extension 9.

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