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Dr Jing Lu
Research Fellow, Nutrient Biogeochemistry
(07) 373 56476 Ext. 56476 Sir Samuel Griffith Centre (N78) 4.11
Mr Joyi Lu
Enterprise Service Management Business Lead
Bray Centre (N54) 1.24
Office of the Vice Chancellor
Professor Junwei Lu
(07) 555 27596 Ext. 27596 Science, Engineering and Architecture (G39) 2.37
Miss Jessica Lund
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
Student Centre (G33) 2.20
Marketing and Communications
Professor Jean Palutikof
Professor in Climate Change
Science, Engineering and Architecture (G39) 4.23
Jill Wallus
Research Assistant
Glycomics 1 (G26) 4.30
Institute for Glycomics

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