Global Integrity Summit

Global Integrity Summit

more than ideas...

This year on 13 & 14 October we’ll consider some of the greatest global issues of our time, placing ethics, integrity and human values at the core.

Top minds from Australia and around the world gather to participate in a series of keynotes, conversations, debates and forums on those themes that shape our lives, dominate our media and feature on the world stage.

Our 30 diverse speakers are bold, fresh thinkers. They are economists, activists, pragmatists, philosophers, ethicists, academics, entrepreneurs. They join us to bring fresh ideas to the table, ask the big questions, inspire conversation and enliven public discourse.

Day 1 - The Big Picture

• Does freedom of speech include the right to offend?
• With everyone’s right to a voice, who can you believe?
• Who is watching us and what can they see?
• Will future generations consider us climate criminals?
• What will it take to end world poverty?

Inspiring keynotes, hard-hitting panel discussions, a live video cross and even a surprise performance as we seek to examine these questions and more…

Day 2 - The Integrity Roundtable

This collaborative forum and networking opportunity considers the corporation of the future and the values it might be expected to reflect by investigating the role of business in:
• advancing human rights;
• developing low carbon industries;
• ensuring the integrity of banking, infrastructure and international tax;
• and combating, rather than succumbing to, corruption.

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