Developing a PhD intellectual project

Developing a PhD intellectual project
Developing a PhD intellectual project

Principal speaker

Adjunct Professor Peter Ackers

Abstract: A PhD is about much more than collecting data. Above it all, it needs to make a contribution to knowledge and produce findings of publishable quality.

This seminar will take students through the PhD journey, from having some initial research ideas. This involves identifying the field(s) of academic literature that the research will contribute to, including relevant journals and academic conferences. We'll also ask whether the research has anything new to add, by finding a gap in the literature or challenging an existing conventional wisdom.

Then we'll discuss whether this research question is 'researchable' by a single post-graduate over a three year period. What sort of data will you require to answer your research questions and where and how will you find this? What methods will you use use: a questionnaire, qualitative interviews, media analysis and archive material, observation, or maybe some combination of the above.

Finally, a PhD takes a long time, so its important that you find the subject and methods sufficiently interesting, maybe as something you want to carry forwards into an academic publishing career.

Speaker: Professor Peter Ackers has 10 completed PhD supervisions. Most are now academics (one a Professor) and several have published books from their PhDs. He's been a PhD external examiner at the London School of Economics, Manchester, Strathclyde and Galway, National University of Ireland.

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