Austerity Discotheque: Andrew Frost

Austerity Discotheque: Andrew Frost
Austerity Discotheque: Andrew Frost

An exhibition of work comprising the practical component of Andrew Frost's MVA.

"Foreigners can be dogged. And can also, on account of language difficulties, fail to take a hint. Then again, let us not forget, it is considered de rigueur to keep a few foreigners around. They lend the place a certain cosmopolitan tone. They are often poor and consequently willing to perform divers necessary but dirty jobs. They are, moreover, a warning against complacency, their existence in our midst reminding us that their quarters in which (hard as it is to accept) we ourselves should be considered foreign, too.

But to speak so to the Queen!

Foreigners forget their place (having left it behind.) Given time, they begin to think of themselves as our equals. It is an unavoidable hazard. They introduce into our austerities their Italianate blandishments. Nothing for it: turn a deaf ear, look the other way. They rarely mean real harm, and go too far only infrequently.

The Queen, be assured, can look after herself."

- Salman Rushdie

Artist: Andrew Frost
Title: Austerity Discotheque
Dates: Tuesday, 4 - Saturday, 16 September
Gallery hours: 10am to 4pm, Tuesday - Saturday
Please join us for the opening event this Thursday, 6 September from 6pm - 8pm

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