Metasis alludes to change and transition, is the outcome of OBSCURA Festival of Photography Masterclass run by photographer Ian Teh, along with Tom White, Louis Lim, and participants consists of Queensland College of Art, Griffith University and Yale-NUS students. The workshop primarily focused on the exploration of UNESCO heritage city of Georgetown with self-initiated methods of engagement to develop 14 unique visual projects.

Artists: Cai Jie Wong (Jay), Xi Zhe Sim (Bob), Li Ting Toa (Ines), Cathy Ross, Kit Ling Leong, Yi Shien Sim, Lesha Mansukhani, Deb Harrip, Saksham Mehrotra, Sangam Paudel, Taha Tehseen, Xing Hao Wang, Sean Cham and Dave Lim Wei Jing
Title: Metasis
Exhibition Dates: Monday, 15 - Tuesday, 23 October
Where: Webb Gallery, 226 Grey Street, Southbank, 4101
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10am - 4pm

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