Amsterdam Global: Robert Rombout

Amsterdam Global: Robert Rombout
Amsterdam Global: Robert Rombout

Amsterdam Global: no direction home challenges traditional forms of perception and exhibition of non-fiction audiovisual narratives. The exhibition creates a perception of documentary film as an experiential art piece rather than a factual narrative. A gallery exhibition of a moving image narrative creates independence from established viewing patterns by allowing for longer engagements with the text and multiple viewings. Visitors can experience documentary films in an immersive and interactive fashion - watching different films and photographs with "multiple eyes".

The exhibition will run in parallel to a retrospective showcase of Robert's work in the Griffith Film School cinema. Exhibition and showcase screenings will offer audiences different ways to engage with non-fiction audiovisual narratives and play with the confines and opportunities of gallery spaces as well as cinemas in perception and exhibition of moving images.

Artist: Robert Rombout
Dates: Friday, 16 - Saturday, 24 November
Where: Webb Gallery, 226 Grey Street, Southbank, 4101
Exhibition Hours: Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 4pm

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