1993: Siena Hart

1993: Siena Hart
1993: Siena Hart

Through the appropriation of domestic fictions excerpted from a wide collection of film, television and virtual spaces, juxtaposed with intimately personal truths, 1993 examines the flawed and fluid natures of memory's impact on identity, and probes the faith placed upon the fixed nature of both.

1993 places the viewer inside of a borrowed memory; tiny, uninhabited constituents of larger scenes blown up and scrutinised for meaning, each component forming a constructed home for the narrator to exist within. This collaging of the un/real intends to confront, reshape, and redirect traditional narratives, breaking down existing frameworks for understanding.

Title: 1993
Artist: Siena Hart
Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, 8 - Saturday, 19 January 2019
Opening Event: Thursday, 10 January, 6pm - 8pm
Where: Webb Gallery, 226 Grey Street, Southbank 4101
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