GBS Alumni Breakfast: Career fulfillment in an uncertain world

GBS Alumni Breakfast: Career fulfillment in an uncertain world

Principal speaker

Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts

Join the Griffith Business School Alumni Network for breakfast and hear from an expert on career fulfillment in an uncertain world.

Our world of work operates in a state of unpredictability and transformation. Organisations can no longer promise certainty about what the future will hold and both individuals and organisations must be adaptable and flexible to meet the opportunities ahead.

This constant state of flux, however, is challenging for staff engagement, workforce planning and retention as individuals struggle to find meaning and connection in their work.

What we need is a radical rethink of how we view "work' and what it means to us.

This dynamic presentation will explore:
• How work has evolved to what it is today and the trends that are shaping the nature of work.
• The different perspectives of what work means to people.
• What career success is, and how to find it.
• How to motivate others by helping them find meaning in their work.

Speaker: Dr Edwin Trevor-Roberts

Edwin is the Chief Executive Officer of Trevor-Roberts. He has significant experience guiding organisations of all sizes through transformational change as a result of industry reform, disruption and shifting organisational requirements. He has worked with some of Australia's largest Health, Community and Aged Care Services, Engineering and Not-for-Profit organisations as well as a number of Government Departments & Agencies.

Edwin has studied and explored the world of work extensively over the last fifteen years. His journey has seen him work in the UK and Canada and present to a wide range of audiences in Australia and internationally.

He is a regular writer on career issues and has co-authored several articles and book chapters on careers, culture and leadership in Australia.

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