Validating Surveys workshops

Validating Surveys workshops

Principal speaker

Dr Judy Rose

Other speakers

Assoc Prof Sama Low-Choy

This is a two part workshop on Validating Surveys. Participants may attend one or both sessions.

Part 1 guides participants with experience designing survey questions on how to validate them using qualitative techniques. The qualitative techniques covered in this session include targeted literature reviews to gather evidence around survey concepts, constructs and previous validation information. Then, workshop participants will learn how to conduct pre-interviews and/or focus groups to test out (pilot) survey questions to check for precision and clarity in the use of language and terminology. Surveys are becoming a common tool for researchers who use platforms such as Lime Survey and Qualtrics, both to design and disseminate surveys. However, validating survey constructs is a vital step in this process, not to be overlooked, and will enhance the quality and validity of results.

Part 2 guides participants on how validate survey questions using quantitative techniques. This covers the use of data visualisation methods including histograms to look at patterns in the data. Then, the use of heatmaps is demonstrated as a way to understand and see patterns in construct correlation. Next, participants will undertake an examination of Cronbach's alpha and its associated item statistics for validating blocks of survey questions that measure one construct, or a series of constructs. We discuss these methods in the context of more complex choices (such as Factor Analysis), which are also used for validation.

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