'Jeff Gibson: Countertypes' Exhibition

'Jeff Gibson: Countertypes' Exhibition
'Jeff Gibson: Countertypes' Exhibition

Jeff Gibson: Countertypes considers one of Australian art's most significant voices in image-based art.

Shaped by his upbringing amidst punk and new wave culture in Brisbane and Toowoomba in the late 1970-80s, Gibson's 40 year career has contributed to an international shift in the way photographic imagery is engaged with as art. Forging what is known today as "image-based art', Gibson is a leading exponent of digital image-based art that incorporates and analyses mass-media imagery, elevating appropriation, quotation, excerptation, juxtaposition and staging as crucial artistic strategies. Such treatments have their roots in postmodern "Pictures' art, but they remain integral today for any artist interested in examining the influence of social media and the World Wide Web.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an interactive online platform that encourages general audiences to consider the work in relation to their daily engagements with contemporary digital culture, and a full colour publication examining Gibson's practice, his relevance to our digital era, and his origins in the 1980s alternative art communities of Brisbane, Toowoomba and Sydney.

Art Museum opening hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11 am - 4 pm. Closed on public holidays.

Image: Jeff Gibson, Fours1617 2021. Post to Pictopoesis Instagram feed. Courtesy the artist

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