Parenting and Academia - finding support and guidance together

Parenting and Academia - finding support and guidance together

Principal speaker

Dr Ali Chauvenet

Other speakers

Dr Adele Pavlidis

Being a parent of a young children while also working in a high performance environment like academia is challenging, particularly for the primary care-giver. This is even more true for those with no family supports as we work in a highly mobile work environment. In this workshop we acknowledge these realities, while also being solution focused, thinking about how we can change systems to be more equitable, while also supporting ourselves and each other where we are at.

This is a workshop for parents of young children (0 to 10) who are interested in meeting other academic parents, forming/strengthening support networks, learning from others, and embedding self-care into their parenting and work practices. Drawing on practical tools and experience, this is a collaborative workshop where we all have something to contribute.


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