Entrepreneurship Seminar:  Services Marketing

Entrepreneurship Seminar: Services Marketing

How do you market an experience? This month's seminar looks at services marketing and the differences between selling a product and selling a service.

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Entrepreneurship Seminar:  Consumer Psychology

Entrepreneurship Seminar: Consumer Psychology

Consumer Psychology - 18 July
The great philosopher Descartes once said "I think therefore I am". This still holds true today in that it is what we know and how we feel that drive our behaviour, and this applies to your customers. In this seminar we look at what this means for you and your business from three different perspectives; 1/ the theory underlying consumer behaviour, 2/ why this is important from a branding perspective and 3/ how this pans out in reality.
GovHack Logan

GovHack Logan

GovHack is a 'live' annual 'hackathon' where you can create ideas using open data for real life problems in regional Queensland. Teams work over 46 hours to explore, retrieve, mash up, ideate and communicate their ideas. Everyone is welcome - form teams with anyone - university peers, friends, family... Show how you can create ideas for the future. Prizes on offer, State and National opportunities and catering provided. July 28 - 30.
Entrepreneurship Seminar:  Branding and Promotion

Entrepreneurship Seminar: Branding and Promotion

Branding and Promotion - 15 August
How can you convert your potential customers into actual customers if they do not know who you are and what you are about? This seminar introduces the essential factors in developing a personalised brand strategy and cost-effective promotion techniques for business ventures to ensure differentiation in the competitive landscape.