Entrepreneurship Seminar - Innovative Start ups

Entrepreneurship Seminar - Innovative Start ups
Entrepreneurship Seminar - Innovative Start ups

Principal speaker

Mr Ben Petersen, The Plunge Pool Company

Other speakers

Dr John Thorogood, frc environmental and Josh Murchie, Little Phil

Innovative Start ups

To Innovate -
Make changes in something established, especially by introducing new methods, ideas, or products.
Oxford dictionary, 2018

Two years, five years, fifteen years. What is the journey for Innovative Start ups?
The October Entrepreneurship Seminar provides insights from businesses - Logan, Redland City and Gold Coast to highlight how start ups scale up with product, service or process innovations and the opportunities and challenges along the journey.

Ben Petersen, co-founder of The Plunge Pool Company, will talk about becoming successful at harnessing the problem solving skills of blue collar workers in legacy industries, to create new processes, for new innovative products. Ben's message is simple. "Innovation has to be more than a buzz word, it needs to be explained to blue collar and factory workers in real terms. What does innovation mean for the individual on a daily basis? This is when you will see the innovation mindset start to compound across the work force from top to bottom."

Dr John Thorogood, Principal Manager of frc environmental and Redlands City Business and Retail Awards Small Business of the Year, 2017 winner - opens up on how their ambitions and aspirations have evolved - starting up, opportunity identification, technology adoption, scaling up - the importance of quality over quantity for business sustenance.

Josh Murchie, Australian Student Volunteer of the Year, and founder of the Griffith University Start Up Entrepreneurs Club and Co-founder of Little Phil - a blockchain powered micro-philanthropy platform to empower charities - shares the businesses unique journey on learning, innovating and the power of collaborating.

This seminar is certainly one not to be missed wherever you are or will be in your successful business ventures.

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