Why Jewellery?3

Why Jewellery?3
Why Jewellery?3

This exhibition is an exchange exhibition of contemporary jewellery by students, staff and graduates from the Jewellery and Small Objects Department at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University Australia and the Jewellery Department at Hong Kong Baptist University.

The biennial exhibition is opening at QCA before touring to Hong Kong in September. The works offer an insight into current conceptual concerns of practice.

Featured artists include:

Lia Anderson, Lorraine Boshoff, Maddison Bygrave, Kristina Gittins, Charlotte Kippax, Belle Kirkpatrick, Sarah Murphy, Robyn Pell, Kierra-Jay Power, Elizabeth Shaw, Melissa Stannard, Romey Sullivan, Mara Vucak. Cicy Ching Sze Yin, Constance Chan Yi Ting, Ko Tat Kuen,

Tang Hoi Laam, Valerie Ho Oi Ying, Gloria Chan Ying Hong, Zita Chu Hiu Ying, Ho Hin Ting, Leong Krystle, Tess Mo Wing Sum, Fion Yeung Wai Ying, Betsy Chan Pui Sze, Angel Lau Hiu Lam.

Please join us for the opening event on Thursday, 9th May from 6pm.

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